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Why Transcribe Audio to Text?

You benefit much if you transcribe your audio files into text. You can enjoy more benefits if your transcribe your audio filed into text. These benefit can be seen below.

Your SEO rankings can increase if you transcribe your audio files into text and with increased rankings, you also get more organic traffic. When audio files which cannot be read by crawlers are translated into text, then this can be a source of data for indexing your content and learning what you website is all about.

Transcribing audio files help users skim through your transcripts. Many times, even if users want to listen to your audio files, there circumstances do not allow them to do so. IF you are in a noisy and crowded place, you will not be successful in listening to your audio files and a transcript will be more beneficial. If a person is very busy and has no time to listen to audio files, the transcription will be enough to let them kow what the audio is all about. During your small breaks or lunch break when you don’t have time to listen to your audio files, you can take time to skim through the transcripts.

Non-native speakers benefit from transcriptions of audio files. If you are from another country, you sometimes cannot understand how other people pronounce words and say their sentences. The accent and pronunciation of Americans is difficult for many foreigners to understand what they are saying and so with a transcript, everything will be well understood. Non-natve speakers will then understand everything that is in the audio file. Audio transcriptin can help non-native speakers to improve on their vocabulary,grammar, and spelling.

With audio transcription on your website, user experience is improved. If you are looking for a specific information from a video, podcast, interview or speech, you ca easily find it from a transcribed version of the file. Audio transcription also help people find a part of your content they want to listen to again. Users are given multiple options when audio is translated into written text. Transcriptions can make it easier to share and more users come back for more.

Visitors return when there are audio files transcribe in your site. The amount of time they spend on a page can be increased. If users find many audio transcriptions in your site that they need, then they will stay in your site for a longer time. If you can read the transcribed version of the audio file, you will not mind even if it is very slow to load.

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